Adding Media files to Windows Media Player Library in Windows 7

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  1. Open "Library" by clicking the "Library" button on the Task Bar, or open My Computer and on the address bar type "Libraries" (without " ").
  2. Some folders are already present there so if you want to add music files then right click on the Music folder and select Properties.
  3. Now press the "Include a Folder" button and locate the music folder and press "OK".
  4. Windows will add all the music files to the library which is also accessible from media playerr.
  5. To add videos repeat the same process, instead of right click the Music folder just right click the Videos folder.
  6. You can also add new folder to the library eg. Games, Downloads etc
  7. To add new folder to the library click the "New library" button on top on library window, name the folder and right click the folder select Properties and just locate the folder that you want to be accessible through the Library.
  8. Library is a very convenient way of managing files and media. It does not create new copies it just virtually links all the files and media.


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