Upgrade to CentOS 6.4 from CentOS 6.x

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This articles explains how you can upgrade to CentOS 6.4 from any previous CentOS 6.x versions, which includes CentOS 6.0, 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3

Backup all important data (optional)

  • Backup all your personal files if you need them
  • Backup /etc directory
  • Backup logs /var/log
  • Backup MySQL databases
  • Backup web server configurations and sites

Upgrade Process

List the packages that are going to be upgraded

yum list updates

Start the Upgrade

yum update



Check the updated CentOS version

cat /etc/redhat-release


CentOS release 6.4 (Final)

Now you have the most updated version of CentOS running on you system.


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