How to create Live USB using Etcher

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Creating Live USB using Etcher

Etcher is an opensource USB image flashing tool for creating bootable Linux USB drives. Its available for Linux, Windows and Mac

Step 1: Downloading Etcher

Visit Etcher website and download the appropriate version for your operating system

Etcher Website

Etcher website

Linux Permission

On Linux give Etcher the proper permission to execute the program.

Etcher permission linux

Launch Etcher after fixing the permission.

Step 2: Choose an Image source

Etcher choosing image source

  • Flash from file: For flashing an image file from the computer
  • Flash from URL: For flashing an image from an URL
  • Clone drive: For cloning an existing USB drive

For this tutorial we are going to use "Flash from file".

  • Press Flash from file button
  • Choose a ISO image from your device

Step 3: Choose the target device

Etcher press target device

  • Click on the "Select target" button
  • From the popup select the USB device you want to flash the image to.

etcher selecting the usb target device

Step 4: Flashing the image

etcher flashing in progress

Press the "Flash!" button to start the flashing process. When the process completes a confirmation message will be displayed.

etcher flashing complete

Etcher validating the flashed image.

etcher flash complete

Flash Complete. Close the Etcher window and boot your device using the live usb.


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