XFCE mail watcher notification setup

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XFCE mail watcher does not show any notification by default. To setup notification for the mail watcher follow these steps.

  1. Setup a mail account
  2. On Run on click field type [c]thunderbird[/c] or the name of the application you want to run when you click on the mail watcher icon. (optional)
  3. Type the following command on the "Run on new messages" field notify-send "New Mail" "You have new messages in your inbox" -i xfce-newmail

The above command will display a notification. You can type the command on the terminal to test and preview the notification.

Notification: [attachment=1]xfce-mail-watcher-notification.png[/attachment]

Mail Watcher Config Window: [attachment=0]xfce-mail-watcher-config.png[/attachment]

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