Installing Xampp Control Panel on linux


Xampp on windows has graphical interface. Although in Linix you do not need the graphical interface as everything can be accomplished using the Terminal. But sometimes its just easier to run xampp with GUI. Please follow these steps to enable gui in xampp.

Installing XAMPP

Read this article: How to install Xampp in Fedora

Open up Terminal and paste the following codes

And paste the following code in the text editor according to you distro.



Both are basically the same, the only difference is the Icon. You will see a new menu item on Application Menu >> Other >> Xampp Control Panel

Simply clicking on it will execute xampp. And from there you wiil be able to control xampp.

Xampp Control Panel Menu on Fedora
Xampp Control Panel Menu on Fedora
XAMPP Control Panel
XAMPP Control Panel


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